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We’re a one-stop-shop. No matter your tax and accounting needs, we’re equipped to handle it. Who knows? You might even enjoy the process! Check out our services below:

Payroll and bookkeeping services

You’re in safe hands. We’re pros with Xero and general accounting software systems, set-up and maintenance. We can easily handle bookkeeping services or help you get the right structure to start your business or investment portfolio. We also have a lot of experience with small business payroll. For established businesses, we’ll make managing your monthly or quarterly BAS and IAS reporting a breeze. You’ll never have to worry about GST, PAYG, income tax returns or other ATO obligations again.

Complex tax affairs

It’s true. We can get you maximum deductions. Property is one of our favourite areas of interest. Let’s work together to navigate that seemingly complex world of negative gearing, capital gains and other loopholes (legitimate, of course!). And when it comes to rental property schedules, we’re in your corner. We’ll make sure your assets work hard and the ATO wants more clients like you. We also partner with the best. So when you’re ready to buy a property or you’re seeking a better deal on your existing loan – we recommend Burgundy House.

Income tax returns

Has your company grown rapidly?  Do you have trusts or partnerships to think about in addition to your business? These are often more complex than your individual tax returns. While they’re a little more involved, it’s nothing our accounting services can’t handle. We love adding value in this space and we’ll happily walk you through what we’re doing and why – so you can be confident and well informed.

Budgeting and cashflow

There’s nothing more exciting than reaching your goals. And cash is king when it comes to growth and success. Together we’ll take stock of your current bearings, set up a realistic and achievable plan and help you stick to it. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished when budgeting is underpinned with sound accounting services. Humour us when we say budgeting can be fun – we’ll show you how.

Let our team do all the hard work for you!

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