What the millennials are doing this Spring

As September rolls around, the time of warmer weather comes, with it bringing the deadline for lodgement of your tax return. Don’t let the thought of your return get you down – think of this as a time to renew.


  • Renew your financial goals
  • Renew your savings/debt reducing vigour
  • Renew yourself


Sitting down to do your tax return is often the best time to pause and look at what you earned during the year, more often than not it’s a considerable jump from the amount you expected and a lot more than you’ll have saved.


Take comfort – knowing is half the battle. Now you can look at what your goals will be for the rest of the current financial year!


Still savings for your deposit on your next house?

Looking to build your holiday fund?

Is it time to upgrade your car?

Or is having some more tucked aside for a rainy day more what you need?


Whatever it is – setting up a dedicated savings plan is the way to go about it. Simply work out a detailed budget (ask us) and see what you can reasonably afford each pay – and set up an automatic transfer on pay day.


If you don’t notice it – you won’t spend it!


Sounds simple? That’s because it is, it’s all in the doing.


So get doing! Start saving! Don’t just wait for each year to roll around and use your refund as your “savings” go one better and take control of your finances. The Future You will thank you!